Edalunds Sibiriska katter

The Pantera-litter

Parents of our litter who was born at 6:th july 2018:

SE*Edalunds Call her Princess and IC FI*Amantes Alamak

The babies names are chosen from song titles from the rockgroup Pantera.

Female ny24 - svartgoldenspotted - Domination

Female ny24 - svartgoldenspotted - Revolution is my name

Female ny24 - svartgoldenspotted - This Love

Male ny24 - svartgoldenspotted - Cowboy(s) from Hell

Male ny24 - svartgoldenspotted - Walk

SE*Edalunds Revolution is my name "Hailie" blev BEST IN SHOW, endast fyra månader gammal på Birkas utställning den 17 november

SE*Edalunds Cowboy(s) from Hell

SE*Edalunds Revolution is my name

SE*Edalunds Walk

SE*Edalunds This Love

SE*Edalunds Domination